Dexie Cloud REST API

This doc page is under construction.

This page documents the REST API that every database in Dexie Cloud has.


/authorize Authorize endpoint
/token Token endpoint


This endpoint authenticates the user using passwordless email OTP.

Method GET
Parameters redirect_uri, state?, nonce, name?, email?


Method  POST
Content-Type application/json
Parameters {grant_type, client_id?, client_secret?, code?, name?, email?}
Authentication Either Basic or none (see explanation below)

Request a token for the calling endpoint. This method can be called directly from web clients or from a server. When called from a web client, grant_type must be “authorization_code” and a valid “code” parameter retrieved from the authorize endpoint must be given. This is all handled by dexie-cloud-addon. But when called from one of your own servers, you can make the token endpoint produce a token for a user that your server has already authenticated:

  grant_type: "client_credentials",
  client_id: <your client ID>,
  client_secret: <your client secret>,
  name: <name of user to impersonate>,
  email: <email of user to impersonate>

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