Table Schema


function TableSchema(name, primKey, indexes, instanceTemplate) {
    /// <param name="name" type="String"></param>
    /// <param name="primKey" type="IndexSpec"></param>
    /// <param name="indexes" type="Array" elementType="IndexSpec"></param>
    /// <param name="instanceTemplate" type="Object"></param> = name;
    this.primKey = primKey;
    this.indexes = indexes;
    this.instanceTemplate = instanceTemplate;
    this.mappedClass = null;


indexes : Array<IndexSpec>

List of indexes properties.

instanceTemplate : Object

Object populated with indexed properties. In case Table.defineClass() or Table.mapToClass() has been used, also non-indexed properties will be part of the template.

This property is used internally by Dexie to help out IDE with code completion.

mappedClass : Function

In case Table.defineClass() or Table.mapToClass() has been used, the mapped constructor function will be stored in this property.

name : String

The name of the object store.

primKey : IndexSpec

Specification of primary key.


Primary key and indexes for the object store (Table).


var db = new Dexie("MyDB");
db.version(1).stores({friends: "++id,name"});

alert ("Primary key: " + db.friends.schema.primKey.keyPath); // Will alert ("id");

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