Dexie.ignoreTransaction(function() {
    // Launch a db operation or start a transaction.


This method makes it possible to launch a transaction or database operation that doesn’t depend on the current transaction.

The method will set Dexie.currentTransaction to null within the callback function and every database operation it will launch.


db.transaction('rw', db.friends, function () {
    db.friends.add({name: "Hillary"}).then(function() {
        log("Hillary was added");

function log (message) {
    // Our callers should not have to include the "logs" table in
    // it's transactions.
    // To make sure we add the log entry using a fresh transaction, we
    // use the spawn() method:
    Dexie.ignoreTransaction(function() {
        db.logs.add({message: message, date: new Date()});

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