A Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB

( only ~22k minified and gzipped )
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We love to answer all kinds of questions about Dexie.js on stackoverflow and we try do our best to be fast to respond to and fix issues posted on Github! Never hesitate to ask something on stackoverflow. Also, please file issues when you suspect a bug, but please do a bit of research before you do: search for existing issues.

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Before you file an issue, please Google your problem first - chances are you find hints or answers in an existing stackoverflow-, GitHub, docs page or some blog. Also search for existing issues.

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Private support issues

If you really need to get in touch privately, use the following email address:

If you contact us for private support, we will be asking you to pay for the time we spend on it.

If you have business related questions, or want to get in touch on non-technical issues:

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