Samples in the Dexie repository

React + Dexie >= 3.1

React + Dexie < 3.1

React + Redux + Dexie

Dexie with Typescript

Vue + Dexie

Angular + Dexie >= 3.1

Angular + Dexie < 3.1

Dexie with Electron

Populate From Ajax

Open Existing Databases

Full Text Search (IE compatible)

Including Dexie as an AMD module

Including Dexie with Browserify

Simplification using ES6 yield (a poor man’s async/await)

Simple Demo from Codeproject and Mozilla Hacks Articles:

Remote Synchronization with dexie-syncable

Samples from external sources

Simple todo (by Matt Andrews)


Angular 2 + ng2-redux + Dexie

Various jsfiddles

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