Indexable Type

The following javascript types are possible to index:

  • number
  • Date
  • string
  • ArrayBuffer
  • Typed arrays (Uint8Array, Float32Array, …, etc)
  • Arrays of (strings, numbers, Dates, ArrayBuffer, Typed array) or a mix of those.

Note that all other types are non-indexable, including:

  • boolean
  • undefined
  • Object
  • null

Type order

Index keys of different types can be compared against each other. The following order applies:

  1. -Infinity
  2. number
  3. Infinity
  4. Date
  5. string
  6. TypedArray and ArrayBuffer
  7. Arrays

Lowest and Highest possible keys

  • The lowest possible value is -Infinity. Dexie has an alias for it: Dexie.minKey.
  • There is theoretically no highest possible value as Array may contain Arrays of Arrays etc… But Dexie provide an alias for the practical maximum key Dexie.maxKey = [[]] (an array of an array).

See also


const db = new Dexie('testdb');
    foo: 'id,bar'
});{id: null}); // fails with DataError because null is not indexable.{id: 1, bar: null}); // succeeds but fails silently to be indexed by "bar" index.'bar').equals(undefined).toArray(); // Fails with DataError as undefined is not indexable.

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