Inheritance Hierarchy


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Sample using Promise.catch()

doSomeDatabaseWork().then(result => {
    // Success
}).catch('InternalError', e => {
    // Failed with InternalError
    console.error ("Internal error: " + e.message);
}).catch(Error, e => {
    // Any other error derived from standard Error
    console.error ("Error: " + e.message);
}).catch(e => {
    // Other error such as a string was thrown
    console.error (e);

Sample: switch(

db.on('error', function (error) {
    switch ( {
        // errnames.Internal ==="InternalError"
        case Dexie.errnames.Internal:
            console.error ("Internal error");
            console.error ("error: " + e);


nameWill always be Dexie.errnames.Internal === "InternalError"
messageDetailed message
inner?Inner exception instance (if any)
stackCan be present if the error was thrown. If signaled, there wont be any call stack.

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