Hi, I’m David, the author of Dexie.js and I’m from Sweden. I hereby take a stand against Putin’s illegal and horrible war under false flag against his brother country Ukraine!

The world is watching.

In United Nations, 141 member states voted for a resolution deploring Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Only 5 member states voted against.

Fact check: Russia falsely blames Ukraine for starting war

The world is watching!

What can you do to stop it?

Time magazine: How to help Ukraine People


Google’s Ukraine donation page

Fact checks on Putin’s propaganda

If you need to read about the different arguments from both the Kreml and the rest of the world, here are a few links that may give you more knowledge…

The Guardian: ‘Dont call it a war’ - Propaganda filters the truth about Ukraine on Russian media

Deutche Welle’s Fact check: Russia falsely blames Ukraine for starting war

Wikipedia.org: Media portrayal of the Ukrainian crisis

Open Source is about freedom, democracy and peacefulness

We want to live in a world where people are free. Open source community incarnates that spirit. The spritit of democracy, freedom and peacefulness. The opposite of all this is authoritarianism. An attack on a democratic country under false flag is an attack of all of us who want’s to live in a free spirit. This is a battle between good and evil. Between openess and closeness. Between democracy and authoritarianism. Between peace and war.

The Guardian: Why Vladimir Putin has already lost this war

In the end, freedom, goodness and democracy will win.

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