Derived Work

As a response to this post, I hereby start a list of known addons, adapters and other derived work.

Did you write something based on Dexie? Feel free to list it here.

Products That Use Dexie (what we know of…)

  • WhatsApp - The market leader chat app use Dexie for storage in its KaiOs and Web clients.
  • Microsoft TODO - The new app to replace the popular Microsoft-aquired Wunderlist.
  • Minbrowser - “A smarter browser” - browse without distractions
  • Wire - An end-to-end encrypted chat application.
  • Medical Physics Quality Assurance Tool – Built with Typescript2, Angular2, Dexie2, Bokehjs, on Github Pages (Client) and Heroku (RestAPI). Source Code.
  • Memex - Open source browser extension providing full-text search on bookmarks and history.

Known Addons

Known Adapters


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