Represents an invite for current user to join a realm. This object is obtained by subscribing to the observable.

An invite is member from the members table with attached properties realm, accept() and reject() properties. realm is a lookup from member.realmId to the actual realm object. accept() and reject() are methods / callbacks that can be used to accept or reject the realm. A user will only get the desired access after accepting the invite.

export interface Invite {
  id: string;
  realmId: string; // realmId being invited to.
  owner: string; // UserID of the owner of the `member` object that this invite represents
  userId?: string; // UserID of the person being invited
  email?: string; // email of the person being invited
  name?: string; // name of the person being invited
  invitedDate?: Date;
  invitedBy?: {
    name: string;
    email: string;
    userId: string;
  roles?: string[]; // Roles to be given within the realm being invited to, if accepted.
  permissions?: DBPermissionSet; // Permissions being given in this realm by the invite.
  realm: {
    name: string; // Name of the realm
    represents: string; // A short explainer what this realm represents, such as "a to-do list", "a project", etc.
    owner: string; // UserID of Realm owner
    permissions: DBPermissionSet; // Current permissions in the realm (before accepting invite)
  accept: () => Promise<void>; // Callback to accept this invite
  reject: () => Promise<void>; // Callback to reject this invite

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