API Rate Limits

Dexie Cloud API has rate-limits per client IP address. A single customer can request the API from

Request Type Eval users Prod users
token 100 per hour 100 per hour
create-db 10 per 12 hours 10 per 12 hours
sync 50 per 5 minutes 200 per 5 minutes
import db 25 per 10 minutes 25 per 10 minutes
export db 25 per 10 minutes 25 per 10 minutes
REST GET 200 per 15 minutes 200 per 1 minute
REST POST/DELETE 100 per 15 minutes 100 per 1 minute

Client Rate-limit behavior

Dexie Cloud client (dexie-cloud-addon) will adjust it’s sync frequency according to the current rate-limit to avoid any disturbance for the end user. When 50% of sync requests has been consumed within a the time window, it will start delaying the sync calls evenly across the rest of the time window so that it avoids ever reaching the rate-limit for sync.