Add public data

Use the dexie-cloud CLI to import data into the public realm as follows:

  1. Use npx dexie-cloud databases to verify you are connected to the correct DB. If not, use npx dexie-cloud connect to connect to it. If you have no DB, use npx dexie-cloud create to create one.
  2. Create a JSON file (let’s name it “publicData.json”):
       "data": {
         "rlm-public": {
           "products": {
             "prd1": {
               "price": 60,
               "title": "Black T-shirt, size M",
               "description": "A nice black T-shirt (medium)"
             "prd2": {
               "price": 70,
               "title": "Blue Jeans",
               "description": "Plain blue jeans"
  3. Import the file
     npx dexie-cloud import publicData.json

List current public data

  1. npx dexie-cloud export --data --realmId rlm-public existingData.json
  2. more existingData.json

How to delete, update or manage data using the CLI

See cli#import

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