Return a collection of all items in table where the property is set to an indexable type ordered by given indexed property. Objects where the property is not set to an indexable type will not be included in the result.




index: String The primary key or index to use for sorting. The special string ":id" will always order by the primary key.

Return Value



Returns an unfiltered collection sorted by the index or primary key given by index. Note that index can only be an indexed property or the primary key. If you want to sort by an un-indexed property, then use Collection.sortBy() instead.

OrderBy on Collections

In current version of Dexie (v3.0), it is not possible to do:

  .orderBy('name') // Not possible in Dexie 1.x, 2.x or 3.x.

… and there is a simple reason for that: No database can do this query easily as it can only operate on one B-tree at a time. However, most databases yet supports, but involving set matching of primary keys and a full index scans on the ordered query.

Even though current version of Dexie (v3.0) does not have orderBy() on Collections, the feature may be introduced in a future version, and can already be accomplished without using sortBy() - see this sample.


See the sample in Table.offset().

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