A Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB

( only ~22k minified and gzipped )
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Easy to learn

Dexie was written to be straightforward and easy to learn. If you've ever had to work with native IndexedDB then you'll certainly appreciate Dexie's concise API.

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Well documented

What good is any development tool without great documentation? Dexie is thoroughly explained, and examples are available to help you on your way.

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Dexie has near-native performance. Its bulk operations utilize an often-overlooked feature in IndexedDB, ignoring success callbacks when possible.

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Basic examples

	| Declare your database      |

	const db = new Dexie('MyDatabase');

	// Declare tables, IDs and indexes
		friends: '++id, name, age'


	| Then run some queries |

	// Find some old friends
	const oldFriends = await db.friends

	// or make a new one
	await db.friends.add({
		name: 'Camilla',
		age: 25,
		street: 'East 13:th Street',
		picture: await getBlob('camilla.png')

Need Sync?

Offline databases are groovy! But without keeping the database in sync with a server, you're missing a great deal.

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Thanks to , we're testing Dexie.js continously on different browsers, OS and devices.

That's all folks!

Now go make something awesome.