Dexie CloudBETA  is a cloud service that finance further development of the completely free open source project Dexie.js.

Dexie CloudBETA  also has a free edition for labs and demos.

Dexie Cloud Pricing

  Free Production   Premium Software License
Easy to setup: npx dexie-cloud create See these docs
All features included
Vertically scalable
Horizontally scalable
Max Number of databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Demo users 5 included Unlimited Unlimited
Authenticated users 1 included Unlimited Unlimited
Use own authentication
Source code of server-part - -
Access to private git repo - -
Monthly fee 0 USD $10 per 100 users 0
One-time license fee 0 0 USD $2,495
Yearly support fee 0 0 USD $499

We reserve for future changes in pricing.


This edition is hosted and free forever but limited to a single authenticated user + 5 demo users.

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This edition is hosted and starts with USD $10 per month for serving 100 users. Additional users: USD $10/month per 100 users.

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Premium Software License

Buy off the software with full source code and do whatever you want with it except competing with us. Serve millions of users without any additional fee. Host it in the cloud of your own choice, or on your own bare metal. The server can be published on cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Email support, private git access and software updates in one year included. For continous support, the yearly support fee of USD $499 includes continous updates, email support and access to our private git repo.