Terms of our Server Software License

Dexie Cloud Server software includes the binaries, source and documentation needed to launch Dexie Cloud on your own infrastructure.

Purpose of our software license

However, there are still limitations with this license, see below.

You may not compete with our software

This license does not allow you to copy, sell or in other ways redistribute the source or binaries to other companies. The software can be used to serve your application to the entire world without purchasing anything extra for that, but you may not distribute or sell Dexie Cloud Server software itself. A purchased license of Dexie Cloud Server can be used by the company itself only, to act as a storage platform for company-owned application(s).

NOTE: This applies to Dexie Cloud Server (private source) and not to Dexie.js (open source, Apache 2.0 licensed)

If you are looking for a redistribution license, please contact us.

You may not compete with our cloud offering

This license does not allow you to setup a Dexie Cloud service to be utilized for applications outside your company. You cannot allow 3rd party developers to be tenants on your Dexie Cloud server without purchasing a license for each external company that host their app on your Dexie Cloud server, or else negotiate another agreement with us for that kind of license.

If you are interested in offering Dexie Cloud as service for external companies (like we do), please contact us so we can find a fare deal for that.