Terms of Our Server Software License

The Dexie Cloud On-Prem Silver Software includes binaries and documentation necessary to deploy Dexie Cloud on your own infrastructure.

The Dexie Cloud On-Prem Gold Software includes all in Silver plus source code and access to our private git repository.

Purpose of Our Software Licenses

Our software licenses aims:

However, certain limitations still apply under this license, as detailed below.

Restrictions on Competition

This license prohibits the copying, selling, or other forms of redistributing the source code or binaries to other companies. While the software can be used to serve your application globally without extra costs, you are not permitted to distribute or sell the Dexie Cloud Server software itself. A purchased Dexie Cloud Server license is exclusively for internal use by the purchasing company, functioning as a storage platform for company-owned application(s).

Note: This restriction pertains to Dexie Cloud Server (private source), not Dexie.js (open source, Apache 2.0 licensed).

If you require a redistribution license, kindly get in touch.

Prohibition of Competing Cloud Offering

This license does not authorize the establishment of a Dexie Cloud service for external applications beyond your company. Hosting third-party developers as tenants on your Dexie Cloud server necessitates a license for each external company, or alternatively, a distinct agreement with us for such usage.

If you are interested in providing Dexie Cloud as a service to external companies (similar to our offering), please contact us to explore suitable arrangements.

For further information and details, consult the Dexie Cloud Documentation.