Dear Developers and App-Creators!

I am thrilled to announce that Dexie Cloud is now finally in official production, after three years of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, characterized by countless late nights, technological breakthroughs, and the unwavering support of our invaluable beta users.

For me, this isn’t just about creating another product; it’s about offering something that makes it easier and more enjoyable to build apps that truly work in everyday life.

Dexie Cloud is the culmination of my passion for technology and programming. I wanted to create a tool that not only streamlines the programming process but also provides a delightful user experience. With Dexie Cloud, you get a comprehensive solution for data storage and synchronization, meaning you can create apps that run smoothly and reliably, even when there’s no stable network connection. I hereby invite you to experience what I believe is the future of app development.

Let’s innovate, create, and thrive with Dexie Cloud!

David Fahlander, Author of Dexie.js

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Testimonials (from our beta program...)

“After exploring several options, including major players like Firebase, I felt constrained by their complexity and locking structures. I sought a platform that not only fostered creativity but also expanded our possibilities.
That's when I discovered Dexie Cloud. In just one year, I've single-handedly built a hybrid web and mobile application for iOS and Android, complete with automatic data synchronization across all devices. The transition from traditional Dexie with live queries to fully integrated Dexie Cloud was seamless and took only a few minutes.

What truly sets Dexie Cloud apart is its ability to unleash productivity and nurturing creativity. Unlike other platforms, Dexie Cloud doesn't confine our visions; it expands them. It gives us the freedom to explore and experiment without being limited by complex structures or preconceived ideas.

Moreover, the support, documentation, and community have been invaluable. Dexie Cloud is more than just a service; it supports and inspires growth and progress.

I'm completely sold! Even considering alternatives like CouchDB or Firestore now feels restrictive and cumbersome. Dexie Cloud opens doors to a world of possibilities and makes me look forward to every step of our journey, including multiple apps, prototypes, and client projects."

- Bennie Forss, Founder of Zenta AB

Zenta AB is using Dexie Cloud to power their app To To-do. It's an AI-driven offline-first task manager that helps users plan their day and reach their goals:

“I started using Dexie for my project, and I was worried about integrating user authentication and synchronization into it. However, when I discovered Dexie Cloud, I was amazed at how seamlessly I could integrate it into my app. Within minutes, I had my application fully synchronized and authenticated. The documentation provided by Dexie Cloud was also very helpful. It's well-organized and has lots of examples that made it easy to understand and use."

- Alba Rincon, founder of Routickr

Routickr is an app that will help users to transform their goals into lasting habits:

Offline-first web apps are no longer difficult. Dexie Cloud gave Fablehenge a truly backendless experience and has been essential for our tiny dev team to ship big features like it already happened. It is the perfect abstraction in front of the endless complexity two-way sync normally entails. Just write your data to IndexedDB with Dexie's best-in-class API. It'll show up where it's supposed to. Nothing could be simpler."

- Dusty Phillips, founder of Fablehenge

Fablehenge is an app for story writers to help them track their character relationships, reorganize their outline, and manage their drafts:

“The speed with which you can start and complete an observation is crucial to whether you will prefer my app to Notes - or even pen and paper - at all. The discovery of Dexie Cloud made me realize that my bird lists could be shared with others and that there were also ready-made code examples on how to manage invitations, rights and similar things.”

- Anton Andreasson, founder of Birdlist

Birdlist is an app for birdwatchers that helps them log their observations, create lists, and share them with friends.

What is Dexie Cloud?

Dexie Cloud is a cutting-edge software solution for app developers seeking optimal performance in challenging network conditions. It is developed as an extension to the Awarica initiated and driven open source project Dexie.js, a software library that has over 10,000 stars on Github and used by well known apps and brands including Whatsapp, Loom, Microsoft To Do and Walmart + tens of thousands other web sites, libraries and apps. The major add-on is that Dexie Cloud has online synchronization.

Dexie Cloud’s key features are:

So what’s the revolutionizing idea with Dexie Cloud?

Dexie Cloud simplifies app development, significantly enhancing speed and cost-effectiveness. It allows developers to create advanced apps with expertise in just one area, centralizes security measures, and reduces repetitive code, resulting in streamlined innovation and lower costs. By adopting the 'local first' approach, Dexie Cloud ensures optimal performance. This framework challenges the traditional methodology of app development and offers a smoother and more efficient alternative to meet the growing demands of the industry. Check it out here to learn more: