Structure of database change object.


rev : NumberThe revision of this change
type: NumberType of change. 1=CREATED, 2=UPDATED, 3=DELETED
key : anyPrimary key of changed object
table : StringTable name of where the change took place
obj: ObjectContains the created or updated object. Provided only if type=1 or 2 (CREATED or UPDATED) .
mods: ObjectContains a set of key paths (property names or dotted property names) and values that has been modified in the object. Provided only if type=2 (UPDATED)
oldObj: ObjectContains the object as it was before the change. Provided only if type=2 (UPDATED) or 3 (DELETED).
source : any(Optional) Source of the modification. If the ┬┤source┬┤ property of the Transaction object was set to a value while performing a database operation, this value will be put in the change object. Can be used to ignore certain changes that origin from self.

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