Road Map: Dexie Cloud

Dexie Cloud is now Feature Complete and can be used in production apps for existing customers.

Until the public release date is set, all existing beta customers can use the service for free. Evaluation dates have been extended for all customer end users in order to guarantee continous service until the official release date.

A newsletter and blog post will reveal the official release date. For continous production level service, please prepare to purchase a subscription some time in Februari 2024. All existing beta customers will be able to continue the service without purchasing a subscription but with a limited number of production end users.

Milestone 1 - Private beta

The private beta was released in June 2021 and included the following features.

  • Initial documentation on
  • CLI: “npx dexie-cloud create”
  • dexie-cloud-addon
  • Dexie Cloud Server published on
  • Dexie Cloud CLI
  • Complete authentication flow using email OTP
  • Complete Sync flow
  • DB management access control
  • Token endpoint for custom authentication
  • Service Worker with periodic sync
  • A workind sample app

Milestone 2 - Consistent Sync

This milestone was finalized in September 2021

  • ACID atomicity in sync requests
  • Full consistency when syncing Collection.modify() and Collection.delete() operations.
  • Respect CORS origins
  • Fully implemented CLI tool
  • Improved performance in WebSocket reactivity
  • Bug fixes

Milestone 3 - Fully functional Access Control

This milestone was released December 19, 2021.

Another 150 people from the wait list are now able to use it (update on december 21).

  • Possible to create realms and respect permissions on sync and maintain realm consistency.
  • Support compound primary keys
  • New React hook usePermission() to disable unpermitted fields and buttons.
  • New permissions helper for non-react apps (, table, obj), can.add('members'), can.update('done'), can.delete())
  • Improve migration framework (server side on dexie cloud)
  • Add new migration to reflect updated model
  • Decide solution for binding an object to a dedicated realm
  • Support switching object between being shared (connected to realm) and private (connected to private realm) back and forth in a consistent manner.
  • Implement invite route on dexie cloud server (endpoint for accepting / rejecting invites)
  • Send out email invites when inviting people to a realm
  • Add demo users to sample app
  • Implement todo-list sharing on sample app
  • Support for private IDs (solution for per-user singletons)
  • Support for generating tied realm IDs (consistency of realms that are tied to an entity)
  • - an observable of invites
  • Tests
  • Run migration on production cloud and publish new version
  • Publish new version of sample todo app
  • Allowed another 150 people from the wait list!

Milestone 4 - Role support + Updated Documentation

Target release date: Jan 10, 2022. May 31, 2022.

  • Respect global roles
  • Allow importing global roles in JSON format for dexie-cloud import CLI.
  • Add sharing support with roles to the sample app
  • Update Authentication docs: signed refresh tokens
  • Updated docs explaining that ‘@’ keys are optional.
  • Docs: Explain Universally consistent modify() operations
  • Document all options in
  • Document properties and how to use them
  • Document service worker support
  • Update docs for unauthorized use case
  • Document REST API: import / export
  • Document how to tie an object to a Realm

Milestone 5 - Increase number of beta testers

  • Set up monitoring, alarms and redundancy
  • Approve more testers
  • Start sending out waitlist confirmation emails
  • Collect new requirements
  • New REST API
  • Document REST API

Milestone 6 - Commercialization

  • Subscription manager
  • Stripe Integration
  • Implement monthly cost limit setting
  • Implement end-user trial period for customer apps
  • Feature complete
  • The new Subscription model applied
  • Extend all customers’ eval users to guarantee full service until official release date.
  • Production level service for paying customers
  • Possible to manage databases, users and evaluation policy using Dexie Cloud Manager
  • Possible to purchase Dexie Cloud Production using Dexie Cloud Manager

Milestone 7 - Public Release

  • Release new version (prod version) of the software to On-Prem customers
  • Dexie Cloud Manager officially released
  • Communicate the release in a newsletter to everyone in the waitlist
  • Marketing campaign launched
  • “beta” removed from web site
  • Waitlist closed
  • Anyone can create databases and use the Free version
  • Anyone can purchase subscriptions

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