const promise = Dexie.getDatabaseNames([callback]);

Return Value



  • callback - Just a shortcut for Dexie.getDatabaseNames().then(callback)


Returns an array of database names at current host.


const databases = await Dexie.getDatabaseNames();

Browser Specific Info

This method is an extension to the native indexedDB API which does not support listing of database names. Chrome and Opera did have a native API we could use, webkitGetDatabaseNames() but since Chrome release 60 (2018), this API was removed, so Dexie can now only rely on its own tracking of database names (tracked in a database named __dbnames).

This means that on older versions of Opera and Chrome, the method used to work no matter if the database was created using Dexie or not, but on other browsers, and on newer versions of Chrome and Opera, the method will only see databases created using Dexie.

Detecting When Databases Are Added Or Deleted

In earlier versions of Dexie, it was possible to listen to changes on added/removed database names by using the following piece of code:

window.addEventListener('storage', function (event) {
    if (event.key === "Dexie.DatabaseNames") {
        console.log("A database was added or removed");
        console.log("Old list: " + event.oldValue);
        console.log("New list: " + event.newValue);

This code will not work on Dexie 2.x due that localStorage is no longer used to keep track of database names. A future version of Dexie may enable a Dexie event to subscribe to for the same purpose that would work the same as before. If this is of interest for you, please file an issue and we’ll try fix it.

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