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What is Dexie.js?

Dexie.js is a wrapper library for indexedDB.

Why is Dexie.js needed?

Dexie solves three main issues with the native IndexedDB API:

  1. Ambivalent error handling
  2. Poor queries
  3. Code complexity

Dexie.js solves these limitations and provides a neat database API. Dexie.js aims to be the first-hand choice of a IDB Wrapper Library due to its well thought-through API design, robust error handling, extendability, change tracking awareness and its extended KeyRange support (case insensitive search, set matches and or operations).

Please Show me a Hello World Example

// Declare Database
var db = new Dexie("FriendDatabase");
db.version(1).stores({ friends: "++id,name,age" });;

// Manipulate and Query Database
db.friends.add({name: "Josephine", age: 21}).then(function() {
    db.friends.where("age").below(25).each(function(friend) {
        console.log("Found young friend: " + JSON.stringify(friend));

Which browsers support the indexedDB API?

  • IE10+
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera 15+
  • Android browser (not tested w. Dexie.js yet)
  • Blackberry browser (not tested w. Dexie.js yet)
  • Opera mobile 16+
  • Chrome for Android
  • Firefox for Android (not tested w. Dexie.js yet)
  • IE Mobile (not tested w. Dexie.js yet)
  • Safari 8 (not tested w. Dexie.js yet)
  • IOS Safari 8 (not tested w. Dexie.js yet)

Other competing indexedDB wrappers

Compared to other indexedDB wrappers, what does Dexie.js do different?

  • Dexie is not an abstraction layer towards various backends - it’s designed around indexedDB.
  • You can use your existing IndexedDB data with Dexie.js - no data migration needed.
  • Dexie.js embraces the IndexedDB specification and all its features.
  • Robust and well thought-through error handling
  • Promise/A+ and ECMAScript 6 compliant.
  • Dexie makes it possible to hook into the actual CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE operation taking place underhood, making it possible to write synchronization extensions on top of indexedDB. This is not even possible out-of-the-box with native indexedDB but Dexie makes it possible by emulating some of the methods using other parts of the API where its needed.
  • Dexie.js is the first to support case insensitive search, set matching and logical OR operations using own invented algorithms
  • Dexie doesn’t store any metadata - it just works towards standard indexedDB stores as is, and can still do case insensitive searches, set matching and OR operations with excellent performance.
  • Performance focused - the API only provides query methods that perform well with indexedDB (no iteration of entire tables just to make a query work)
  • Marvellous code completion with VS2012, IntelliJ and other modern IDEs
  • Transactions are safer because they abort also when normal exceptions occur, not only DB error events.
  • Minimalistic schema syntax. See Version.stores()
  • Automatically upgrades your schema between versions - no need to createIndex() or createObjectStore().
  • Dexie can work with “real classes” - you may map a constructor function (class) to an objectStore (table) so that any objects retrieved from DB becomes instanceof your class - meaning that you can extend your persisted objects with methods by extending the prototype of your constructor.
  • Dexie doesn’t hide the backend indexedDB objects from the caller.
  • Built with extendability in mind

How Dexie differs from the native indexedDB API

  1. Dexie uses Promises instead of error events making error handling more convenient to deal with
  2. Less lines of code are needed to interact with your database
  3. Safer Transactions: Dexie will abort a transaction if any exception occur in your transaction closures - not just when a DB error occur. For example, misspelling a variable in the middle of your transaction would normally make the transaction commit automatically. Dexie makes sure this wouldn’t happen.
  4. By using our own invented algorithms on top of the limited indexedDB API, Dexie supports functionality such as case insensitive search, prefix matching, set matching, logical OR operations and more. See WhereClause and Collection.or()
  5. Dexie can work with “real classes” - you can map a constructor function (class) to an objectStore (table) and let all objects that are returned be real instances of that class. The class may have methods that you can call on objects that are retrieved from the database.
  6. Dexie knows whether a put() operation results in object creation or an update. Its CRUD hooks enables you to monitor and gain full control over what is happening in the database. By using the Dexie.Observable addon you may also subscribe to database changes in foreigh windows - as with the storage event (onstorage) for localStorage.

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