Dexie Cloud Production

Production (SaaS)

$ 0.12 / user / mo

  • 25+ prod users
  • 25+ GB
  • 50+ connections
  • Infinite eval users
  • Increased rate-limits

Choose this option when users get on-board

When it's time to get serious!

Subscription is purchased in packs of 25 seats for only $3 per month.

After purchase, use Dexie Cloud Manager to assign seats to your end users.

Increase or decrease number of seat packs with a few clicks in Dexie Cloud Manager.

Automate users and seat assignment using the REST api.

"Dexie Cloud gave Fablehenge a truly backendless experience and has been essential for our tiny dev team to ship big features like it already happened. It is the perfect abstraction in front of the endless complexity two-way sync normally entails. Just write your data to IndexedDB with Dexie's best-in-class API. It'll show up where it's supposed to. Nothing could be simpler."

- Dusty Phillips, founder of Fablehenge

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