IndexedDB on Safari

Safari versions below 8

  • No support for indexedDB
  • There’s a shim that builds indexedDB support on top of WebSQL: IndexedDBShim.

Safari version 8.x

  • Native support for indexedDB but has lots of issues:
    1. Transactions can only target a single object store at a time.
    2. Primary keys must be unique across different objects stores.
    3. Compound indexes or primary keys are not supported.
    4. MultiEntry indexes not supported.

Safari version >= 10.1 and 11.0

Native and almost bug free support for IndexedDB 2.0. There is still one known issue with version 10 and 11 that affects Dexie’s Collection.modify() in Dexie versions <= 2.0. A new workaround for this Safari issue will likely to be included in Dexie version > 2.0. The progress of this can be followed up in issue #594.

Chrome and Opera on IOS

Thanks to Apples restricted policies for iOS, Chrome and Opera running on iOS is actually a Safari browser in the backend pretending to be Chrome or Opera. Thus, it suffers from all the indexedDB bugginess that comes with the native indexedDB support in Safari. See Issue #110.

If your application must target iPhone 6 or below, it is recommended to include the indexedDB shim before requiring/including Dexie.js. iPhone 7 users will have a Safari engine of version >= 10.3 with a functional IndexedDB support.

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