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Happens when the transaction was aborted. When this happens, it can be a result of an earlier uncaught exception that made the transaction abort. It will also happen when calling Transaction.abort(). To find out more about the abort reason, try look in the console log for earlier exceptions to see the reason behind it.

Sample using Promise.catch()

doSomeDatabaseWork().then(result => {
    // Success
}).catch('AbortError', e => {
    // Failed with AbortError
    console.error ("Abort error: " + e.message);
}).catch(Error, e => {
    // Any other error derived from standard Error
    console.error ("Error: " + e.message);
}).catch(e => {
    // Other error such as a string was thrown
    console.error (e);

Sample: switch(

db.on('error', function (error) {
    switch ( {
        // errnames.Abort ==="AbortError"
        case Dexie.errnames.Abort:
            console.error ("Abort error");
            console.error ("error: " + e);


nameWill always be Dexie.errnames.Abort === "AbortError"
messageDetailed message
inner?Inner exception instance (if any)
stackCan be present if the error was thown. If signaled, there wont be any call stack.

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